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A few nice contest for babies images I found:

013e taking a break ** Explore** #269 May 13, 2011
contest for babies

Image by jjjj56cp
*** My 1st Explore photo– ***

it’s hard work learning everything I need to know in this world!

Prestige Nature Competitions R Us– Springtime in Nature speed contest winner March , 2012–featured on the Front Page

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mating Red-bellied watersnakes (Nerodia erythrogaster) – WILD
contest for babies

Image by Vicki’s Nature
I had never seen anything like it. I was checking a nearby pond for odes and saw a tangle of four big snakes in a mat of grass. They didn’t move at first but eventually their tails started moving and they peeked out of the grass. I returned the next day and the SAME 4 snakes were again in a tangle and crossing the footpath! I hung around

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Some cool contest for babies images:

contest for babies

Image by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Wolves
14 day old Arctic Wolf.
For the first time in 11 years, we had a birth of pups at the Sanctuary. Sierra, a beautiful arctic wolf from Oregon came to us pregnant in early March and gave birth to five beautiful babies. Two, Frost & Flurry are being socialized while the other three are being raised by Mom and Dad.

baby it’s better, down where it’s wetter…
contest for babies

Image by The Dirrty Vee

[[Disney reference goes to Jade <3]]

My beauty shot that goes as an example for my contest. As part of the challenge they had to make their beauty shot and their head shot from the same pose and create the different styles through editing.

At first I wasn’t going to finish

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Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest 2013

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Baby Hazel Leg Injury – Games-Baby Movie

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On Call Nanny Video | Nanny Service in Milton…
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Cute Kid

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Cute Kid
cute kids photos

Image by Joe Lencioni
This little girl was one of the crazy kids running around at a wedding that I shot a while back.

She posed just barely long enough for a shapshot and then ran off. My instincts kicked in and I got lucky.

This photo was taken from Shifting Pixel (Permalink, additional comments)

Cute French kid
cute kids photos

Image by Harald Groven

Lifeline plea for child carers

Lifeline plea for child carers Lifeline plea for child carers A drop-in centre for child carers on Teesside is struggling to raise funds.
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ChildCarers - Online Portfolio and Office Manager

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Sittercity Review – Best Babysitter Service

Sittercity Review - Best Babysitter Service

Check out Sittercity at Get the full review at…
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3FM Serious Request 2012 De allerlaatste babysitter service van 2012 #3FM #SR12.

10 Cutest Cat Moments

The clips for this compilation of cute cat bloopers, etc. is one of our favorite videos.
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Michigan Casting Call (7)

Check out these casting calls images:

Michigan Casting Call (7)
casting calls

Image by
NBC The Biggest Loser Open Casting Call Season 8 Michigan