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Sittercity Testimonials

" I easily found a wonderful babysitter that was able to work on the specific day and times that I needed. Then when her schedule changed the following semester, I was easily able to repost the job and find another wonderful babysitter. What a great resource!!!!!! "

What goes on at SitterCity?

When SitterCity was launched they had 600 sitters and served the Boston area. SitterCity now serves the entire nation and has:

  1. Over 2 million Caregiver profiles
  2. 24,000 member reviews and ratings of Caregivers
  3. 30,000 Sitters with Background Checks
  4. 75,000 sitters with 10+ years experience
  5. 120,000 sitters with CPR and first aid training

SitterCity is Better Business Bureau Accredited with an A+ rating. SitterCity is a member of the International Nanny Association and Senior Approved. In 2010 the Department of Defense contracted with SitterCity to fund the membership costs to SitterCity for military members (military families are responsible for paying the sitters).

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How SitterCity Works

SitterCity is basically an online database that has information on families, sitter jobs, and caregiver profiles. Families can either search the database for a caregiver or post a job. Caregivers can search for jobs that families have posted in the database . Another way that you can look at SitterCity is that its almost like an online dating service that matches families and caregivers. Like a dating service a caregiver profile lets families preview the caregiver. A caregiver profile usually includes a photo, caregiver experience, background checks, references, and reviews. Families need to pay a membership fee for full access to SitterCity, but caregivers can join for free.

SitterCity has the following types of Sitters:

  1. BabySitters
  2. Nannies
  3. Pet Care
  4. Senior Care
  5. HouseKeepers
  6. Housesitters
  7. Tutors
  8. Doulas


  1. has worked to help bring parents and sitters together for over 10 years
  2. Apply to jobs that have been posted in your area
  3. Choose from babysitting, nannying, pet care, senior care, housekeeping and tutoring
  4. Read tips and advice on issues such as tax and how to keep a good sitter
  5. Download a "sitter cheat sheet" which contains important things to remember regarding specifics such as children's allergies or when they are meant to do their homework


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